120 Minutes Playlists

Playlists from MTV's 120 minutes show.
Many thanks go to : http://tylerc.com/the-120-minutes-archive/


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  1. April 19, 1992


    Host: Dave Kendall
    Guest: The Edge and Adam Clayton

    The Spotify Playlist

    Tylerc’s list source.

    Now listen, there’s a lot of obvious gems on this playlist that you probably are already aware of. Play it loud so your coworkers can’t focus on whatever petty task or conversation it is they’re having at the time. 

    Ministry was the scary band my older brother listened to. I was a religious fanatic at the time, and hearing Psalm 69 was pretty much making my bruised and fragile soul bleed from the inside. 

    Primus’s John the Fisherman shows up here, too. I have news for you who dismiss this band as being… well, I’m not sure what people who dislike Primus dismiss them as. Precursors to the goatee metal scene? They certainly influenced a slew of metal bands that came after who tried to use rap and fast slappy bass lines (Korn). But you have to believe me when I say that they transcended all of that. They were fucking weirdos and 17 year old me was so enamored with Les’s sound that I bought a thriftstore bass for $75. John the Fisherman was on the tape of Frizzle Fry I would listen to before cross country meets. This is music not to be fucked with. 

    Again, Songs from the Older Brother: KMFDM. This band was part of my brother’s musical repertoire. They occupied significant space in his 500+ CD player. (Remember those things? Thank Christ for MP3s.) I have vivid memories of their album covers, and also listening to KMFDM’s Light album while I was at my first job ever. (This was gluing corrections into some sort of catalog. I got the job through my cross country coach, who later told me that I fucked up the whole operation so bad that they had to have a regular employee go back and fix my entire day’s worth of gluing. That’s what they get for hiring child labor.) 

    There’s other things on here: Chili Peppers, Nitzer Ebb, pre-solo Bjork Sugarcubes, you know, stuff you’ll recognize. 

    And with that, you have another playlist to listen to at your jobs.

    Lament the current state of popular music: Teeth-less mid-tempo ukeleles and jam bands.

  2. 120 Minutes - July 28, 1991

    Does anyone actually read the crap that I write in these? I’m not feeling quippy this week; I think I’ll just go straight for the playlists.

    Host: Psychedelic Furs

    Spotify playlist (sans Springhouse, 360s, and Milltown Bros.)

    Playlist origin (tylerc)

    YouTube Playlist (sans a few…)

    There, that took like 15 minutes.  I should do it this way every time. Fuck exposition and commentary. In. Its. Face.

  3. 120 Minutes - April 23, 1995


    The Grooveshark Playlist (one song absent — Shudder to Think’s “X-French Tee Shirt”)

    Whereas last time I chose an episode with no special host, this time I went straight for Donal Logue, who showed up in my Netflix queue as Hank Dolworth, broken former cop-turned-private-dick in Terriers, a criminally underrated show. Special? Fuck yes! Jimmy the Cab Driver is EXACTLY what MTV is missing (understatement of the half-second), and Donal Logue appears as said promo character and cheese pizza enthusiast first in my mind; and second as that guy from Blade who got his hand ripped off.

    Unfamiliar with Jimmy the Cab Driver and his place in music television history? Wiki that shit (both parts, the Jimmy thing, and the music tv thing). No link, I won’t bother. But first, watch this:


    Donal Logue brings us a rather eclectic mix, with hits ranging from Bush to Rusty, a band I’d not thought of in yerrrs.

    On to the gems, ah-thankyou.

    Jim Carroll - People Who Died

    I know this is the music video for a song written by the dude who wrote The Basketball Diaries, which was made into a blowies-in-public-restrooms-for-heroin-heavy movie with Leo, Marky Mark, and Winston from Ghostbusters, but it’s actually a really solid punk diddy. As it should be, it was 15 years old when released as a video.

    Belly - Superconnected

    Belly - Super-Connected by Warner-Music

    I shudder to think of any harm being done to Tanya Donnelly (swoon), but I think these surgeons where working to give her the power of flight, which she demonstrates towards the end of the video. Also, I imagine the director, at some point during the shoot, said to Tanya D., “Hon, can you just let your blouse sleeves slide all the way down. Right. So your hands are covered. Right. Can’t actually play like that? Doesn’t matter, TD. Right. Oh, I know. Trust me. This is going to be the new thing, T Don, waves of imitators. Big. Velvet dress big. Truss me.”

    Matthew Sweet - Sick of Myself

    Matthew Sweet, M-Pharm.D., “The Musical Pharmacist” — he mixes melodies of honest, catchy vibes indicated in the treatment of everything from gout to stage 2 lymphoma.

    Get me 30 tracks of Sweet, Stat!

    The Muffs - Sad Tomorrow

    The Muffs - Sad Tomorrow by Warner-Music

    Dear Kim Shattuck, 

    I love your eyebrows. Please help me in bringing back awesome eyebrows like yours.



    White Zombie - More Human than Human

    All I’ve ever heard when listening to this song is: “I am the jig-saw man, zigga, zigga, zigga, zigga skeleton hands, yea!”

    Better than Ezra - Good

    Good - Better Than Ezra by jezcle

    Couldn’t resist. C’mon…it was a big song — and way better than the other maybe-obligatory song on this list. Also, I hate Bush, so…there.

    Addendum: I knew it was all over when I saw BTE playing on the rooftop of the St. Petersburg Pier (outside the restaurant known as Cha-Cha Coconuts). I heard the above song, and many others, while sitting on the pier, five stories below, flicking cigarette butts at my stupid brother.

    Now I believe I will adjourn to watch some of my new favorite show.


  4. 120 Minutes - January 6, 1991

    The Grooveshark Playlist (no missing songs!)

    There was no special host for this episode, but it was special itself, in that it ticks off the Top 20 videos of 1990 (the Grooveshark playlist has them in order from #20-#1)

    On to the gems!

    Happy Mondays - Step on

    I was never a huge Happy Mondays fan, less so after seeing 24 Hour Party People. Anyway, this song ain’t so bad, and is rather indicative of the transitional ’80s/’90s fare one would expect at the time. The video? It’s just Happy Mondays being slick, taking off, putting back on, and then taking back off pairs of really cool sunglasses. The last 30 seconds or so are worth it to see Bez hop around like a dumb-ass. No one likes a Bez.

    The Pixies - Dig for Fire/Allison

    Kim Deal in a sports bra; Kim Deal sexily putting on vinyl pants; Kim Deal’s mouth in super hot close-up. What I didn’t realize was that the video for Dig for Fire was the preface to the video for Allison, in which they perform to an empty arena in the tight leather clothes they put on in the previous scenes. Clever! But also, I imagine the idea was to have them ride motorcycles themselves, but it was discovered that they cannot, in fact, right motorcycles. So, instead, they are driven around in sidecars like dogs. This is MY #1 video of the list, to be sure.

    The Jesus and Mary Chain - Head On

    What a magnificent song. The Pixies do an excellent cover, the video for which, though, is not so awesomely over-edited (someone at the studio got a new packet of transitions and REALLY thought they’d give the video some ‘pop’). That being said, I have to give props to JaMC: they look like weiners, but play tunes like great big bad-asses

    Nine Inch Nails - Head Like a Hole

    Forget the video for Closer, this was the video that scared me into listening to Nine Inch Nails constantly for two months fearful that Trent Reznor and his army of creepy rotating heads armed with lasers that shoot stock footage of Indian street performers would crawl in to my brain and hump it into a lump of quivering gray anti-matter.

    Soup Dragons - I’m Free

    What a delightful video: lots of colors, tambourines, fractals, and a black man. It’s a shame the song was BEATEN TO DEATH BY EVERY FUCKING CAR/SODA/FAST FOOD/DISH DETERGENT COMMERCIAL MADE SINCE.

    Sonic Youth - Kool Thing

    Let me ask YOU something, Kim Gordon, are you going to liberate me, the adorable black cat from your video, from pain and misery by giving me Advantage Multi so that I live a long, happy life free of heartworms and fleas? No? That stuff doesn’t exist yet? Okay, I just wanted to let you know that we can still be friends.

    I still can’t believe Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore are divorcing after 27 years of noise-rock revolutionizing marriage.

    And, the #1 video from 1990

    Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence

    Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence by eatthemich

    My TV-soaked brain can’t not see the Burger King spokesfreak in this video. Best video of 1990? Probably not. Best song of 1990? I won’t argue.


  5. 120 Minutes - May 29, 1994

    The Grooveshark Playlist

    The Beastie Boys hosted this screaming fiasco of an episode. Mike D squawks alot; Ad Rock tries to be professional; and MCA/Sir Wallace Stewart plays mum.

    Shout out to Graffiti Rock! Factoid: “Hip-Hop” is defined as “the name for a subculture of breakdancers, rappin’ MC’s, scratching DJ’s, and graffiti art.”

    So much to get to, so herbee dem gems!

    "Cut Your Hair" - Pavement

    A really bad sneezing fit brought on by sunlight is how I got these little turds

    "Cope" - Gigolo Aunts

    Not an amazing video by any stretch: typical 90s fare, lots of rapid cutting, fucking with the focus, long sleeves under short etc. However, Chloe Sevigny’s conspicuous appearance in the video raises questions. Questions! Answers? She was on the cover of Gigolo Aunt’s 1994 release “Flippin’ Out”

    Chloesevig did this cover shortly before discovering a terrible secret about her vagina and being invited to a disastrous, rape-filled party in the East Village. Sadly, none of these tragedies would prevent her from working in films for the next 18 years.

    "Saints" - The Breeders

    Kim Deal wearing adorable winter clothes; Kim Deal in a carnival wearing a jerzee; Kim Deal saying “sticky” several times in one video. Josephine Wiggs is okay, too. Also, why doesn’t Kelley Deal get me all hot and bothered (in a good way)? They’re identical twins!

    "Labour of Love" - Frente

    Boring video, boring song, AWESOME FLUTE JAM.

    Best (do not dispute me) for last…

    "Teenage Riot" - Sonic Motherfucking Youth

    Chills, buddy…major chills. 

    Aside from the video being well-executed pastiche, the song has rattled around my brain hundreds of times and I’ve yet to grow weary of it. In fact, I can’t hear or utter the phrase “Marshall stacks” without getting all teenagey riotey.

    Ugh, I’d be remiss to not include this for a certain face-pounding MIT grad I know…..

    "Say Something" - James



    As soon as I’m done with my stupid thesis, Imma be all over dis shit.

  7. 120 Minutes - September 24, 1995

    Click here for your Grooveshark playlist

    Blind Melon hosted this episode of 120 Minutes, and Shannon Hoon would wind up dead from a heroin overdose a month later.  BUMMER.

    The episode features live performances by Blind Melon of “Toes Across the Floor” and “Galaxie”, the videos for which now live in YouTube.

    "Toes Across the Floor" - Blind Melon (in studio)

    "Galaxie" - Blind Melon

    Don’t mistake runny eye makeup for a sign of his impending death. Though he does look eerily like Brandon Lee in The Crow.

    On to the Gems:

    "Stop" - Jane’s Addiction

    Jane’s Addiction - Music - More Music Videos

    Translated intro:

    Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to subject your sons and daughters to under-the-leg, low angle camera shots of Perry Farrell’s bulge? Good. These weirdos are obviously from Los Angeles. Please welcome, Jane’s Addiction.


    "Alright" - Supergrass

    What a lovely little bunch of limey darlings! I was never into Supergrass, and the above song was my first exposure (via Clueless, naturally). The song is delightful; the video, which is like an episode of The Monkees with better music, is what the video for “Mmmbop” should have been. Also, Hanson should have been Supergrass. Or just not at all. 

    "Queer" - Garbage

    @ 1:29 - obfuscated view of Shirley Manson’s breasts

    @ 2:14 - Shirley Manson punches the camera guy’s crotch

    @ 2:59 - Shirley Manson performs a POV haircut

    A gentleman named Stephane directed this between doing work for Isaac Hayes and shooting a video for Traci Lords.

    "Same Old Story" - Pennywise

    I really don’t care for Pennywise. Seeing as I grew up in the most unlikely of safe havens for punk rock (St. Petersburg, Florida, where Ten Foot Pole and Guttermouth, it seems, played somewhere in town weekly), I oughta be more into it. Really, I just keep watching the first few seconds of the video when the disaffected youth totally nails his really old dad in the face with a carton of milk; also, the part where he tries to buy a Black Flag record only to discover it has a “Parental Advisory” sticker…”Awwwww man! My old man ain’t never gonna lemme lissin to dis!” <— not very punk rock. But hey, it’s alright, as long as he can skateboard all over town and crash into random people for no reason, it’s totally fine.

    It’s a big list, and there are many other gems, and I’m growing weary of being a jerkbeast….oh hell, one more I guess.

    "Lump" - Not Actually a Joke Band

    By the way, if you want to find Oasis on Grooveshark, you need to look for a band called “Haven.” Slick.


    "Control" - Traci Lords (yeah, THAT Traci Lords). Directed by Stephane Sednaoui, who did the Garbage video earlier in the list.

    I dunno….I think I still prefer her early stuff

  8. 120 Minutes - November 29, 1992

    Click here for your Grooveshark Playlist

    The Inimitable, and painfully sweet-looking Suzanne Vega hosts this episode. Only two songs could not be extracted from the belly of the leviathan that is Grooveshark. 

    "Not Sleeping Around" - Ned’s Atomic Dustbin

    Love Ned’s; love this song; and I wonder if the band fired this video’s director after spending days being pelted with doves and probably being shit on a lot, literally.

    "Souled Out" - Supreme Love Gods

    No Video. Blargh. Yahoo obliged with the tune, though, here.

    "Souled Out" was Supreme Love Gods’ only major U.S. hit, and resides in their only full-length album to date. They broke up before finishing their second release, but did tour extensively alongside Ned’s Atomic Dustbin (with whom they share an almost identical sound), 808 State, and Meat Beat Manifesto. 

    Now, on to the gems!

    "Pinion" - Nine Inch Nails

    Taken as just a short, building track on NIN’s scariest album, “Pinion” is memorable more for its brevity than anything else. However, when set to a film wherein some unidentified, dark liquid travels from a toilet, through a sewer system, and is sent splurging into the mouth of a bound, blind, and leather-clad gimp suspended in a white room, it becomes so much more.

    "Just One Fix" - Ministry

    Hellz yeah Ministry is the fucking whipshit. Rammstein can suck my balls. Sorry, I know that reeks of YouTube flamer, but Ministry brings out the puerile punk in me. The video, like most of Ministry’s, is a lovely ode to all things hardcore (doing drugs, going on a rampage, puking up said drugs etc.), however, this particular gem features everyone’s favorite gun-toting Beatnik maniac, the late William S. Burroughs (who also collaborated with Kurt Cobain around the same time)

    WSB with Al Jourgensen ca. 1992

    "Nearly Lost You" - Screaming Trees

    I know I say this about every video, but this is pure 90s — at least the way I remember things from the 90s being. Aside from the usual pointless video locales (a dirt race track and junkyard in this case) “Nearly Lost You” doffs its cap to a certain magical film which features the song on its soundtrack — a band member can be seen stapling a poster for this film on a bulletin board, probably doing so in the real interest of promoting the film, which was barely seen (CRIMINAL).  Also, Mark Lanegan’s hair is pretty fucking dreamy.

    "Somebody to Shove" - Soul Asylum

    No snark. I just really love this fucking song.

    Somebody find me the video for “Souled Out” by the Supreme Love Gods, and I’ll be as grateful as a sack of really grateful cats.

    Also, very soon I will be posting stuff about this:

  9. 120 Minutes - April 19, 1987


    Hosted by Alan Hunter.

    Click here for your Grooveshark playlist.

    On this episode, new album releases with Dave Kendall showed us a couple of great new acts like: 

    The Band: Voivod, The Album: Life Sentence

    No actual track from Life Sentence could be found, but I did track down this gem of anti-animal cruelty by Vovoid, entitled “Ravenous Medicine” :

    Another new release by Slap was the ablum Songs from the Cross. As far as I could tell this is pretty much non-existent online.

    Alter-natives released Hold Your Tongue - again, no track listing. However, they do still have an active myspace account.

    Dave Kendall also told us about Crowded House’s - Something So Strong 12” release. Watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXArBZItqGc : Embedding disabled by request. Heaven forbid we watch our precious Crowded House videos anywhere but Youtube.

    Songs not on Grooveshark:

    CS Angels - The Cutting Edge - The playlist had these folks listed as “CS Angels” but they’re more commonly referred to as Comsat Angels on the interwebs.

    Swinging Pistons - I Love the Sound of Machines

    Bambi Slam - Bamp Bamp : Stupid name but fantastic guitars. Reminds me a bit of the squealing nature of the Pixies.

    Frank Haskell - Jeannie Boppin’ Jeannie (MTV Basement Tapes winner): Awkward pseudo Back to the Future-esque vibe. Her valley girl mohawk saves the video. 

    Wednesday Week - Missionary  : The music is worthwhile, but the video featuring an Ally Sheedey from the Breakfast Club look a lit singing passionately next to a fountain. Please don’t snap in time when you’re talking to me.  

    The Squalls - Na. Na. Na. Na.

    Ups & Downs - Living Kind: These guys seemed pretty ahead of their time. They have the same mid-90s sensibilities as Gin Blossoms or Deep Blue Something, only way better and less obnoxious. Nice jangly guitars.

    The Tyler C playlist from whence we get these lovely lists.

    Posted by B-Roll.


    Ask us a question, why don’t you?

  10. 120 Minutes - March 22, 1987

    The more I pour through the history of 120 Minutes, the more I see where hipster clothing advice comes from.

    Hosted by The Unknown Host.

    Here is the Grooveshark Playlist!

    Videos of songs not on Grooveshark:

    Angels - Jazz Butcher Conspiracy Stay Right Here - Deep Six

    This Deep Six video is another gem due to the pre-video 120 min commentary by a VJ who looks kind of like Downtown Julie Brown dressed up as an old-timey ice cream slinger. This Julie-clone also reads from a teleprompter like the individual words are unrelated to each other in the sentence. Halfway through I lost track in her brit-accent and I have no fucking idea if she’s even speaking English.

    I love the guitar in this Deep Six track, weird Julie notwithstanding.

    I Will Persuade You - The Huxton Creepers

    My Girl’s Mad At Me - The Rumble

    I wish the audio quality for this video was better. I love the drummer here- his bizarre mannerisms combined with his vertical and backwards cymbal are great. I find myself trying to peer around the rather mundane looking singer to see what the muppet on the drums is doing.

    Videos for the hell of it:

    Anything - The Damned

    The Damned were clearly going for a Cult vibe here, and for the first 10 seconds I found myself thinking this was a better song than Fire Woman. However, watching the video ruins the song for me. The creepy bride of Frankenstein dude showering and then dining in the sewer makes me want to call the crisis hotline.

    Quite Unusual - Front 242

    I love this stage in industrial music. Cool drum beats.  Over-the-top deadpan vocals. Dudes in an abandoned concrete building. Remote control helicopters. Strange Brazil-esque futurism. Yes. If there’s a club where these things occur regularly, sign me up. This is what I imagine Autobahn’s videos would be like, if they actually existed.

    autobahn - nagelbett

    Fun facts about 120 Minutes playlists on Grooveshark:

    -They’re free!
    -You can play them as much as you want on your computer or jail-breaked tele-fonic device-icle!
    -They’re created on Grooveshark- which was created by smart dudes and ladies here in sweaty ol’ Gainesville, FL!

    Fuck you, Pandora! Grooveshark’s way mo bettah.